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Measures for prevention of coronavirus infection

Measures for prevention
of coronavirus infection

MEDIKER - 20 years of health care!

20 years
of health care!

Dental treatment under sedation - without pain and fear at MEDIKER Pediatrics
Dental treatment under sedation
- without pain and fear at
MEDIKER Pediatrics
The modern surgical department in MMC MEYIRIM
The modern surgical department in MMC MEYIRIM
Altyn Sapa


- is best enterprise
providing services
Owner of the Prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa"
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I would like to express my gratitude to the gynecologist Pirniyazova B.N. for effective treatment.
I had a tumor, and thank to the correct diagnostics and effective treatment of a doctor, it was removed at early stage. Bibigul Nasurlaevna is an amazing doctor, the real professional!
Comment of the treating physician
Pirniyazova Bibigul Nasurlaevna
This patient came to us for a routine examination. After the examination, we had a suspection of a tumor formation. Activities and analysis were prescribed, and the tumor was confirmed. Thank to the timely treatment, the tumor was removed at the early stage.
I’m very thankful to the medical stuff of the “Meyrim” Medical Center for their professionalism, intelligence, consideration!
I’m very thankful to the physician Aketaeva Asem Joldasovna for a good appointment, and to the nurse at the lab, ESengeldieva Jafyra, I didn’t even notice when she took my blood sample, it was very quick and not painful at all. Thanks to the management for hiring such good professionals!
Comment of the treating physician
Aketaeva Asem Joldasovna
Thank you for such a pleasant comment, we are really pleased when our dear customers are satisfied by the treatment. Take care and stay healthy!
I express my deep gratitude to the physician of MEDIKER Medical Center Malaeva Nursulu Tasinbaevna.
When I turned to her, she showed the highest level of professionalism and caring attitude to the patients. Thank to her experience and knowledge, I got a precise diagnosis. And the correctly prescribed and implemented treatment has recovered my health in 5 days. Thank you for your respectful attitude, your kindness and caring, for your great talent of the True Doctor!
Comment of the treating physician
Malaeva Nursulu Tasinbaevna
This patient attended to our center with complaints for health condition and fatigue. All of the necessary types analysis were arranged in short period, then the precise diagnosis was provided as well as effective treatment. It’s very pleasant to get such kind comments from our customers! Take care of your health!
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Our news

MEDIKER Group expresses its deepest condolences to the General Director of MEDIKER INDUSTRIAL Lukmanov Arman Tleuzhanovich, in connection with the irreparable loss - the loss of his father.
Dear friends!
For your convenience, we recorded a video about  correct independent measurement of respiratory movements, heart rate and temperature, as well as recommendations for those who are in home quarantine (treatment).
Dear medical workers!
MEDIKER Group invites qualified doctors and nurses to work in the company's Medical Centers. The company has all  necessary resources and opportunities for effective medical care and provides all necessary guarantees to ensure protection and safety of its personnel.