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Modern surgical department in MMC "MEYIRIM"


3 July 2019


Head of the inpatient department of MC "MEYIRIM", surgeon of the highest category.

In addition to operations in the primary pathology of organs:

  • hernia;
  • cyst;
  • neoplasm;
  • complicated ulcers;
  • reconstruction of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • biliary tract surgery;
  • pancreas surgery;
  • removes fistula biliary tract;
  • intestinal fistula of any complexity.

Performs all types of operations using new technologies:

  • abdominoplasty;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • europeanization of the century;
  • bisha lump removal;
  • labioplasty;
  • mammaplasty to increase the mammary glands using implants and reducing mammoplasty to reduce;
  • elimination of lop-earedness;
  • excision of keloid scars.

Hemithyroidectomy, thyroidectomy, colon resection of various volumes, Hartmann's operation, closure with ostomy, removal of the "menopausal hump" - occipital lipoma in the original minimally invasive way.


Surgeon-proctologist of the highest qualification category.

Applies a new complex technique HAL-RAR which is one of the most effective and least aggressive ways to treat hemorrhoids. The operation is performed in the inpatient setting of the Medical Center "MEYIRIM", where there are beds for day and twenty-four-hour patients.

On November 13, 2018, a master class was held with the participation of proctologists Tyan Leonid Vladimirovich, Abezhanova Galiya Sarkytovna and Zheksembayev Yesenbek Aytmukashevich on the basis of the clinic "MEIІRІM" on the basis of the clinic "MEYIRIM".

HAL-RAR is a highly effective minimally invasive method for the treatment of hemorrhoids, disarterization of hemorrhoids under the control of ultrasonic doplerometry, which allows to treat hemorrhoids without pain and risk to the health of the patient. After the end of dearterization, the patient is transferred to the waking room, where he is monitored by doctors for 2-3 hours.


Master of MBA, gynecologist category I

Viktor Vasilyevich, an experienced gynecologist at MC "MEYIRIM", not only deals with diagnostics and treatment, but also performs the most complicated operations in a 24-hour hospital setting. Which include:

  • Laparoscopic surgery for infertility, ovarian cysts, paratubar cysts, for uterine myoma (organ preserving - conservative myomectomy (with temporary occlusion of the uterine arteries) and radical surgery - subtotal and total hysterectomy).

  • Small gynecological operations: hymenoplasty (3-layer), treatment of cysts and abscesses of the Bartholin gland without surgery (catheter technique - word-catheter).

  • Mini abortions, vacuum aspiration (up to 12 weeks), medical abortion.

  • Hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopic resection of cervical polyps and endometrial polyps, submucous myomas.

  • Plastic surgery for the omission of the genitals and old postpartum breaks (postpartum recovery).

  • Promontofixation for uterine prolapse, sacrospinal fixation, laparoscopic paravaginal reparation.

  • Surgery for incontinence in women (Birch colposus suspension).


Therapist-gastroenterologist of the highest category

  • Treatment of acute osteoarthritis, chronic pancreatitis, peptic ulcer disease, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis;
  • Selection of antihypertensive therapy;
  • Conducting complex treatment.


Therapist, cardiologist of the highest category

Conducts diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestive tract, respiratory system and lungs.

Constantly improves qualifications, participates in conferences, seminars in the specialty.



For 8 years of a career in the field of medicine, she earned recognition from patients as a competent specialist and a real expert in her work.

Has a certificate of specialist in the field of "Neuropathology".

Treats for:

  • Headaches more than once a week;
  • Dizziness, weakness, apathy;
  • Trembling in limbs;
  • Pain in the back, neck and limbs;
  • Memory impairment;
  • Insomnia or excessive sleepiness;
  • Tightness in the body, weakness in the muscles;
  • Desensitization of certain parts of the body.

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